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Revised Declaration, Rules and Regulations (March 2012) Approved by Unit Owners

The Declaration and Rules and Regulations revised in March 2012 have been approved by the majority of the unit owners. The documents can be viewed in the Members' Area. The revised documents become effective when they are received by the town this month.

The minutes from the 2011 annual owners meeting are also available in the Members' Area.

Winter Watchman and Propane Inspection reminder

It's beginning to feel like winter! If you plan on being away for more than 24 hours, please turn the water off and set the heat to 50 degrees. Your Winter Watchman (red light) should be set to 40 degrees now. Please make sure it is viewable from the outside. Thanks!

Propane furnaces or heaters must be inspected every two years. Please make sure your heating appliance has been cleaned and inspected as required. Thanks!

Swimming Pool to be ready around Memorial Day

The pool will be having some work done on it due to a leak, but we hope to have it up and running around Memorial Day. Anyone interested in helping to plant flowers at the Torbank sign and at the pool area, please call Jill Simon or Millie Dunn.

Spring Cleaning!

Now that winter has receded and spring has arrived, please take a look around the outside of your unit and remove any wood, sheet-rock, or personal items that are lying around.

Please remember to pick up after your dog and that our dear dogs must be on a leash at all times.Thank you!

A Reminder About Decks and Snowplows!

Despite the several feet of snow we've had on the ground, it's important to remember that clearing your decks of snow is your responsibility (as are any damages that result from snow buildup). Also, please remember to move your cars when the plow arrives to help the parking lots remain safe and well-plowed.

Owner's Association Minutes (December 29, 2010)

The minutes from the December meeting are now available online! To view them, follow the link in the Members' Area, or simply click here.

Snow Removals for the Week of January 13

Due to the almost record-breaking snowfall this month, the removal of snow and ice from the roofs of several units is scheduled for the coming week, mainly on buildings B, F, H, and I. This is in response to the safety risks caused by blocked windows and dangerous ice buildup.

Going Away?

Planning on escaping the snow for a few days (or weeks)? If you plan on being away for more than 24 hours, please turn the water off and set the heat to 50 degrees. Also, set the Winter Watchman to 40 degrees and make sure it is viewable from the outside. Thanks!

A Reminder About Pets!

Don't forget that all dogs should be leashed around the units - and should be picked up after, too. If you fail to do so, there will be a fine of $150 for each offense.

Welcome to!

Welcome to the Torbank Condominium Owners' Association website! In the near future, you will be able to access updates, information, and helpful links to services and attractions concerning both Torbank and the Manchester, Vermont area.

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